Tenant Focus & Retention

Tenant retention is the key to maximizing the return on your real estate investment. At LMK Living we believe that tenant retention begins with effective communication and positive relations. Our management strategy includes prompt and effective responses to tenants’ needs. By addressing resident maintenance concerns quickly, we reduce future turnover expense and avoid long term deferred maintenance.

In addition, our approach includes proactive solutions. By conducting semi-annual surveys, we can gauge tenant satisfaction and be alerted to any potential maintenance or resident problems that may arise further down the road. We believe that it is just as vital for our clients to know why the tenant occupies their residence as it is to determine why he or she fails to lease or vacates. This allows us to adjust our approach, when necessary, to best meet the needs of your property. We can also provide your residents with Move-in Orientation Packets and Monthly Newsletters, a cost-effective way to maintain rapport and keep tenants informed.

Good renters mean good business. LMK Living takes great pride in our ability to attract and retain quality residents. We know that our residents are one of our most valuable assets, which is why we strive to go the extra mile to ensure their satisfaction and exceed their expectations. Our approach increases both resident retention as well as future resident referrals. Let LMK Living customize a tenant retention plan tailored to you.